Vacu Well
Vacu WELL is a special device for vacuum therapy which focuses effectiveness upon burning of fat tissue in critical parts of the body (stomach, buttocks, hips).
The final effect is an improvement in the metabolism, smoothening of the skin, elimination of cellulite and mainly very fast and effective reduction in excessive centimetres in the required parts of the body.
Therefore, we can briefly summarise that active strolling in reverse pressure will improve blood circulation, quicken the activity of the lymphatic system, eliminate cellulite, reduce excessive centimetres on the waist, buttocks and hips, finely and gently model the body, liquidate swelling on limbs, improve physical performance and condition, smoothen the skin (due to better nutrition of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and acids which have a very positive influence against „orange skin“)
The recommended time to achieve visible results on Vacu Well is:
- in the first week using Vacu Well, healing therapy 4 – 5 x per 20 minutes
- following week 4 x per 20 minutes
- in the remaining weeks, for maintaining the effect 2 – 3 x per 20 minutes